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So job continues to go well. I'm catching on pretty quickly for someone with so little formal office experience and only legal experience being dealing with jeremiah's stupid shit.

I still make mistakes now and then and each time i do, i'm all OMG I AM THE WORST EMPLOYEE EVER THEY ARE SURE TO FIRE ME lol. Like i keep accidentally doing my time stamp on top of each other! Or copy/paste the form letters incorrectly.

Today i found out i apparently sent the copy of a letter i was suppose to file to another client. Oops.

I think the reason i'm stressing out so badly is because i really like this job. And i want it to stick.
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been enjoying my new job. i'm so nervous i am going to do something and get yelled at and fired. but i am so perfect for the job and its so perfect for me, i know that fear is irrational.

i am a file clerk or secretary or whatever for a family law attorney! finally the 3 years of helping jeremiah get through his custody and divore pay off.

only problem is the fact that they dont offer health insurance. i wonder if its related to the fact that its a law firm that deals with workers comp a lot lol. i guess my options are to work part time at dominoes or marry someone and get on their health plan lol
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haunted apartment

So, I've finished moving into my new apartment, after living in Lewis's tiny little apartment for like, 6 months now. Woo! Still trust his mail box more than mine tho.

Anyways, I was babysitting a few weeks ago, and took a nap while the kid played wii. Later I asked if he had fun, and he said 'yeah, except for the dead teenage girl in the kitchen'. Apparently some dead teenage girl stuck her head around the corner from the kitchen and stared at him before disappearing. WTF. And the kid didn't wake me up for that. He did wake me up like 5 times to kill a stupid bug that kept getting away.

Anyways. So whatever. I move on with life. With my new apartment, I've been making sure to make my bed every morning. One day, while hanging out with some friends, we decide to go to the dog park. So we go to my place and pick Archer up. My bed sheets are kind of rumpled up. I assume Archer just tried to cuddle in it while I was gone, so I make the bed again, and we're off.

When I come back the next day, my bed is once again rumpled...

(please note, my roommate has a MUCH nicer bed than me, so there's no reason he'd go in my room, and I think he might have been out of town at the time too).
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Woot i can actually update my shop website again after over a year of not. havent done much to it yet but i plan to. I cant really do much layout editing since i am on my tablet so lots and lots of typing is tedious (and frustrating when you go from 115wpm to 35wpm but i shall build up my speedwith practice!)

I managed to download a more practical keyboard app for my tablet atleast <3

I'm trying to find an art app to let me edit photos of hats i make, cropping them into squares, to upload to my site. Also wish there was one i could make images using word art from ms. Alas.

Atleast i still have my ancient desktop if i need to do more serious work.

I need to figureout which webbrowser i like most on here too. Firefox keeps crashing and not posting comments i type up to lj. Which with how muchm effort it takes to type onesucks.

I need abrowser that lets me 'rightclick' an image to copy the img location. And has atab bar instead of having to make anextra click to a tab menu page to go throughmy tabs. Also needs to work well with lj. I dont care much about videos working.
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Christmas presents

My parents came down to visit and bring me my Christmas presents. Woo. Got an android tablet. Didn't get a keyboard for it yet so its a little more difficult to do a lot with but I can manage. Hopefully my brother will be able to help me set it up so I can edit my website from my tablet. That'd be awesome. I also Got a new sewing machine that embroiders also so that'll help with the conventions.

archer, my dog, got a laser pointer machine he loves and an awesome bear toy.
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again and again

So, just before christmas, while I was watching one of my clients, she bumped her head kind of bad. But she didn't cry or seem hurt by it at all, so I just wrote it in my notes and told the nurse at change over. Didn't tell the mom.

Well, mom found out about it a few days later. And one thing to another...

I got a call earlier last week asking me to resign.

I really liked that job too. :(

But so, I'm thinking of moving back home now or something. Talked to Lewis about how I might move, and that apparently prompted him to get off his butt and start looking for a new job too because he's been bitching for the last year about it.

He comes home this weekend so I'll be running the idea by him about us maybe moving to the same town and seeing if things continue to work. I could probably find another local job til then, or move home and find a job out there til he relocates, and then save up to follow him if things still look good for us.

Or, he could still mean it when he says he doesn't think he'd settle down with me, so I might just have to cut my loses and move on.
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Web design

Okay web designers. I want to restyle my website.

I know html and css. I can use javascript pretty well but I can't write my own. I love php but my site doesn't allow me to use it.

I do all my coding in notepad.

Anyone have any suggestions for additional programing I can use? I don't need any fancy context but I would like to be able to just have to edit 1 file when I want to update the layout and add links to the menu.

Pages on my site:
Home page
Product pages (basic hat, deluxe hat, pillows, bags, misc)
Description page
Convention page
Photo gallery
Friends links
FAQ/contact us